Determine If The Pain You Experience is Schwannomatosis

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Could my Neurofibromatosis actually be Schwannomatosis?

Determine If The Pain You Experience is Schwannomatosis

Daily, new diseases and medical conditions are identified and classified in the medical world. There is a new form of neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic neurological condition that causes tumors to grow on nervous system, that has been classified as schwannomatosis. Unlike NF, schwannomatosis does not develop vestibular or meningioma tumors, or hearing problems in people. Instead, tumors called schwannomas develop on spinal or peripheral nerves that causes pain anywhere in the body. Look for these signs to determine if you have schwannomatosis so that you can undergo the necessary genetic testing.

If a person in your family history has had unexplained pain in the body but no hearing loss or learning disabilities.

You experience significant pain that is disabling, has experienced numbness, balance problems and weakness in the body.

Talk with your doctor immediately for MRI testing to determine if you have multiple schwannomas causing the pain.



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