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What should I do if my child shows learning disabilities caused by neurofibromatosis?

Provide Intervention for Your Child's Learning Disabilities if Diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis

The most your child may show of Neurofibromatosis is the birthmarks on their skin during their early years. But when they start to reach school age, your child may show signs of learning difficulties or the inability to grasp basic learning concepts of reading, writing or speaking. Follow these intervention tips at the earliest stages so your child can receive the learning help they need.


Your child may already be assigned to a neuropsychologist after being diagnosed with NF. This type of specialist can test and observe your child to determine if they will need a type of special education.

Speech and Language Therapist

If your child is having speech problems, a speech and language therapist (either an independent therapist or one available at your child's school) can assist your child with any speech impediments. Have a meeting with the school's administrators to thoroughly discuss your child's needs.

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